Superview is located in the foothills of Annapurna range, which is undoubtedly heavenly and is surrounded by culturally and naturally rich villages and towns that are incredibly earthy.

Fishtail, seen on the background, is one of the very few vigin places on earth. It such a dangerous peak to ascend that, as the tale has it, after no one that went to climb the mountain came back, the government altogether banned anyone from mountaineering it. Mount Fishtail (Or Machhapuchre, in Nepali, which literally translates to fish tail) is of great religious value for Hindus as it is believed to be dwelled by the lord of the lords.
The hill on the foreground is our home, Sarangkot!
This is the way one takes on his way Sarangkot. As we know how way leads on to ways, this too is just a way that preceeds the ways to other soul-touching Himalayan pilgrimages.
6:10 Oct 24, 2012. Sarangkot View Tower
2 minutes walk from the Superview Lodge
On his way to Annapurna Base Camp.
7-10 days trek
Stones, mud and wood are Nepali's favorite materials for construction.
A two-hour drive from the lodge takes you to Kwivang, a traditional Gurung community village on the edge of Mardi river, glacier river that flows from Mardi Himal.
Villagers of Kwivang have paved fine stones all throughout their neighborhood. This is an extraordinary example of love and tribute these villagers have shown towards their ancient construction material, which if done properly produces so much finer and unique work than the stereotypical construction materials do.
The base of the mountain we stand on neighbors to this second largest Taal (Lake) of Nepal called Fewa (also written as Phewa)
15 minutes of paragliding away from Sarangkot
Tibetan Monastry
30-minutes drive from the lodge.
Phoksundo river, captured during lower Dolpa trek. Dolpa is one of the most remote districts of Nepal famous for the animal-plant herb, Yarsagumba, and a rugged mountainous landscape.